Q: How does the XTAC Pro sense a shot?

A: Once the XTAC Pro is calibrated to your gun, it has a microphone that registers the sound of the trigger action. When you pull the trigger an encoded infrared laser pulse is shot from the XTAC Pro. All hits or kills are registered by the targets and recorded on the XTAC app. 


Q: What kinds of airsoft guns can be used with the XTAC Pro? 

A: The XTAC Pro is compatible with any gun with a picatinny rail.


Q: Is XTAC just laser tag? 

A: Definitely not! The XTAC system is designed to simulate real gunfighting. Since you can attach it to any airsoft gun, you could be practicing with a replica of a gun you actually owned. Our system allows you to work on skills by your self to perfect your aim, stance, and weapon handling, or to play multi-player force-on-force games to put your practice to the test in real life. 


Q: What is the range of the XTAC laser? 

A: The laser works at distances up to 200m. 


Q: Do I have to buy a headband and vest for the system to work? 

A: No. The XTAC Pro has three sensors that register hits. However, the XTAC headband and vest provide 360° coverage. 


Q: Do I need cell service to use XTAC?

A: Reliable cellphone service is required to play online Force-on-Force XTAC games. You can play offline, but the app cannot keep track of player statistics without reliable service. 


Q: Do I need wifi to use XTAC?

A: Not always. The XTAC app requires cellphone service to track player statistics. However, there is an offline mode that will allow you to play and shoot opponents, but won't keep track of your score. 


Q: How does Offline Mode work? 

A: Offline mode works everywhere, even in remote locations without cell service or wifi. In this mode you can shoot opponents or be shot and the XTAC system will register the shot. In offline mode player statistics are not tracked so players can't see which player made the kill, or how many kills or deaths a player had in a game.  

Q: How many players can play in a game?

A: Unlimited.


Q: How much does it cost? 

A: An XTAC on its own is $289. You can save some cash by buying targets, vests, headbands, and multiple XTAC Pros in a kit. Check out our package offerings on our 'Choose your Kit' page. 


Q: Can I buy XTAC system packages?

A: Yes! Check out our 'Choose Your Kit' link on the homepage to buy the 1 Person Target Shooting kit, the 2 Person Force-on-Force kit, or the 2 Person Complete Operator kit. 


Q: Are there XTAC facilities?

A: No. However, the XTAC app has a 'Community' feature that allows you to locate games nearby.


Q: How do I find games in my area?

A: The XTAC app has a 'Community' feature that allows players to find local games. 


Q: Is there a way to try it first?

A: No. We don't offer any trial service. 


Q: What are some cool drills I can run at home?

A: The XTAC app has shooting games that will test your skills and guide you through a variety of drills. 


Q: What game game modes can you play? 

A: Currently, the app has Team Deathmatch which allows you to play with unlimited teams, Free for All in which it is every man for himself. There are also a number of solo target modes: Target ID, Steel Plate, Copy Cat, and Shot Timer, all of which will test your skill with your weapon. 


Q: How do I de-activate the slide lock on an unloaded airsoft? 

A: An aftermarket block has to be inserted above your magazine follower. You can find these from most airsoft dealers. However, a small set screw or rolled up piece of paper can also work. 


Q: Does the XTAC Pro require you to reload your gun? 

A: No. It does not currently require you reload your gun at any point. 


Q: Can you limit the amount of ammo? 

A: The XTAC system does not currently limit the amount of ammo.