Family Protection Home Defense Course by Erik Anderson, U.S. Navy SEAL

Family Protection & Home Defense Firearms Web Course by Erik Anderson, U.S. Navy SEAL of 20 years: The world's crazy. Here's how to protect your family & defend your home. Get life-saving, step-by-step family protection firearms training now.
  • Get one-on-one training from a retired U.S. Navy SEAL during 3 live online trainings. Ask Erik your firearms and home defense questions directly.
  • Discover the BEST weapons for your exact situation.
  • Learn critical home defense safety basics.
  • See how to build a detailed family protection plan for your home layout – with the help of a Navy SEAL.
  • Learn the no-shoot zones of your home.
  • Get a checklist of home defense skills to master.


Training 1: Discover the BEST home defense firearms and non-lethal weapons to use. Find out what home defense firearm Erik uses and what non-lethal weapons he recommends. ​You'll also go over what home defense weapon is best for your household situations.

Monday, January 9th at 7pm ET


Training 2:  The critical home defense safety basics. Learn how to stregthen your situational awareness when at home. How to move to keep the advantage. And get safe room clearing techniques and tips.

Monday, January 16th at 7pm ET


Training 3:  How to build a detailed family protection plan for your home layout. Do you live in a single or multi-story home? Apartment? Do you have an attached or detached garage? What rooms does your family sleep in? In this webinar you'll learn what the no-shoot zones of your home are based on your layout. You'll create a dynamic home invasion response plan. And we will go over how to TRAIN to you family protection plan.

Plus, you'll get a downloadable checklist of home defense skills to master like how to practice situational awareness at home, how to move within your home if you hear a bump in the night, how to effectively run scenarios with friends and family that are fun and insanely effective at building muscle memory.

Monday, January 23rd at 7pm ET



How to survive a public shooting – Six decisions that could save yours and your family's life.

In this FREE special online training you'll see:

    • How to avoid a mass shooting using situational awareness and 3 unexpected practices.
    • How to identify the safest escape route – And why it's critical to be in the habit of doing so.
    • How to safely assess when to fight, when to run, and when to take cover
    • How to fight back, armed or not
    • If you take down the shooter, find uut what to do And NOT Do when law enforcement arrives.
    • And what everyday weapon a Navy SEAL carries.

Monday, January 30th at 7pm ET


All trainings are recorded and emailed to you after event.



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