XTAC Device Diagram




XTAC 1 runs on two AAA Batteries. A fresh set of batteries should provide you with over 3,000 shots.

Open battery door by prying latch up and rearward. Insert two AAA batteries, ensuring they are facing the correct direction as labeled for proper polarity. Close battery door, and secure latch.

Be sure to power off the XTAC unit when not in use by holding the power button for three seconds. Remove batteries if XTAC will not be in use for an extended period of time.


  1. Power on the XTAC unit by holding the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. Power on Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button. Bluetooth must be powered on for use with the XTAC ProCombat app and other Bluetooth accessories.

Bluetooth indicator LED will blink until it is paired with a mobile device and XTAC ProCombat App. Once XTAC 1 is paired with your mobile device, Bluetooth LED will remain solid.


XTAC 1 can be mounted on airsoft rifles and pistols with Picatinny rails.  

When mounting on a rifle, a top rail mount is a preferred method.  This better aligns your optic or sights with the IR laser and will minimize angles of convergence downrange.  

If a front sight post or other issues prevent a top rail mount, XTAC 1 can be mounted on a bottom rail.  

Do not mount XTAC 1 on a side rail, XTAC 1 is designed with sensors facing left and right.  Side mounting the device prevents reception of incoming IR signals.  


To pair with a phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the XTAC app and navigate to the settings tab.
  2. Click “Find” next to the device, your mobile device will search for all nearby XTAC devices.
  3. Select “Connect” on the pop-up screen.

Ensure XTAC device is powered on and within range of your mobile device.


Follow the steps below to Calibrate Shot Sense:

  1. Once XTAC is paired and mounted to airsoft gun, select your paired device and click “Update Shot Reference.”
  2. Fire one shot each time XTAC sensors light up red. The Calibration window will close and XTAC lights will shut off when shot sense calibration is complete.


Under Settings, you can control the power settings for both the infrared LED and Laser on your device.

  • LED: A wider angle, short-range infrared emitter that fires each time the airsoft gun cycles.
  • Laser: A focused, long-distance infrared emitter that fires each time the airsoft gun cycles.
  • When indoors, set LED and Laser power to LOW. When outdoors, set LED and Laser to power HIGH.


XTAC Device must be paired in order to start a match.

To Create a match, follow these steps:

  1. Select Matches at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Create at the top left
  3. Set up Match parameters:
    1. Name: Name of the match. (Others searching for the match will see this name)
    2. Password: Require a passcode for people to join (Optional)
    3.  Match Type: Select Team Deathmatch or Free-for-all.
    4.  Training Match: No points or XP awarded
    5. Maximum Players: Limits the max number of players allowed in the match.
    6. Time: Sets the duration of the match.
    7. Teams: Add or remove the number of teams.
    8. Allow Team Select: Allow players to select which team they want to join once they are in the lobby. (Only the host can move players if not selected)
    9. Friendly Fire: This allows hits between members of the same team.
    10. Realism Mode: Instead of the first hit wounding/second hit kill, it will randomly take between 2-8 shots to kill opponents.
    11. Lives: How many times a player can respawn back in.
    12. Cooldown: How much time is required before respawn.
    13. Device Control: This allows the host to set the same laser power settings for all players.